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Part 2: Dissections

Dissections were so hard. I wish there was a list of textures to use, from easiest to hardest. With examples. I feel like I connect with the texture more when I see how someone else has done it first. If I want to draw a cucumber, copying a good drawing of a cucumber helps me visualize the texture easier than grabbing a cucumber and putting it on the table. I suspect that’s how a lot of people feel though, and that is why drawing is so hard. Alas.


Part 1: Organic Forms and Contour Lines

I did the arrows while watching Arrow.


I think I improved contouring the organic forms by the end, but I still have a long way to go.

250 Boxes!

I did it. I finally finished them.

The first couple of pages are really rough. I considered re-doing them .. but then I decided that my improvement would show better if I left them out. And I didn’t want to start over, after finishing almost half.

I’ll probably do this again sometime. Maybe in one year? We’ll see.

Part 3: Boxes

I mistakenly did each lesson with a ruler before realizing that the homework clearly says “freehand”. Whoops.

I’m also rather dissatisfied with how the first freehand organic perspective boxes came out. My boxes are too small and they don’t interact with each other, so each composition looks unnatural. I should redo before submitting.

Below are pages for assignment. Maybe sometime I’ll upload a page of whoopses.


Part 2: Ellipses

I wonder if I draw my ellipses too small. I wonder if I draw my ellipses too slanted.

I really liked the funnels exercise.

Part 1: Lines

The planes exercise was the most beneficial for me, particularly after it was done. Actively practicing the ghosting technique,  and observing how planes put space into perspective.

Lesson 1

Lesson 1 of Draw a Box was about forming lines, ellipses, planes, and boxes, and an introduction to methodically manipulating space.

I suspect this lesson felt less monotonous to me because I’ve been doing Zen Tangles for the past two years. That being said, I did spend upwards of two to three hours completing the homework for each lesson.

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