Husband (!!) brought home some shirts from his workplace, and asked me to make quilts with the logos/tee shirt material.

Problems I anticipated:

-Having only 2 shirts, and thus only 2 logos, I was apprehensive that I’d ruin both. I put off this task for a couple of weeks, because I still feel like my projects are crap shoots. Sometimes they’re better than I anticipated … sometimes they’re much worse. At some point I just said there’s nothing I can do about it, and moved in.

-Tee shirt material is stretchy. I am not practiced or good at working with stretchy fabric. How much was I going to end up warping the material? Husband is in woodworking. Straight edges are kindof their thing. Have I sewn a straight line even once?

-Tee shirts came in two colors: Black and Very Dark Green. Green that’s almost as dark as black, in fact. I decided early on that I’m going to use a decent amount of white fabric to break up and hopefully differentiate the colors. Ha.


They ended up being just about as bad as I expected! Of course, all of the tee shirt fabric stretched, near nothing is straight, and I even messed up about half of the corners. And I mis-read self-made patterns halfway through, so ended up with four separate mini-mini quilts, rather than one with four quadrants.


Lessons Learned:

  • Don’t start without a *clear* vision. Don’t start before you’re ready. Don’t start without actually doing something to address initial concerns.
  • Always bind back to font. Always always always.
  • Pins hurt. Make sure to pin the right way.
  • Tighten the quilter’s foot more. I broke a needle because the foot got loose and the needle came down on top of it.
  • Try to square things up more often somehow. … Figure out best way to quilt straight.
  • Care for each strip. Losing motivation halfway through breeds sloppiness.
  • Learn how to do the Sawtooth block. That’d be a cool replacement for these First Tries.