I got a set of purple fat quarters from WalMart that has been burning a hole in my fabric stash for the past couple of weeks. I knew who the quilt would be for, but I didn’t have a pattern in mind. I ended up cutting out some squares, cutting some of those in half, and then choosing a white background to de-busy it a bit.

I chose the back because it’s a Christmas present. I don’t love giving Christmas decorations as presents (I generally don’t think it’s particularly practical, since it just gets stored for 11 months out of the year), but since the front is so non-seasonal, I couldn’t resist using this fabric from Granny. My friend loves cats and Christmas, so, she’ll love this.

Lessons Learned:

  • Think about how you’re going to quilt the sandwich even during the piecing stage. I like that I was creative on the spot with how I free handed the zig zag quilting. Most of the lines aren’t straight or perfect. That being said…
  • When eyeballing a line (which I shouldn’t do … but I probably will do …) put your finger on the end spot and point toward the needle. It’s easier to visualize the imaginary line when you have the beginning and end in place. At a couple of points, I was able to see the line I was following clearer than the distracting fabric underneath.
  • Doing two or three minis at once is much more efficient than doing one at a time. I did this one in conjunction with Red Headed Steps Child, knowing that this one is a gift. I was able to identify my weaknesses with Red Head, and make it easier for myself in this one.