So, I tried making a mini quilt with flying geese. I thought I was smart and didn’t have to use a guide, so I cut out a bunch of triangles and sewed them together. And the piece had bigger bows than Minnie mouse. So, in a Wednesday night fury, I cut out all new squares, and pieced them together using the basic (wasteful) method. There are still puckers and bunches, but overall, it looks like a First mini quilt.

[I’m always saddened by how well errors show up in pictures.]


Lessons Learned:

  • Triangles are hard. Put them off for a project or 4 and learn how to sew a straight line first.
  • That triple speed *looks* great. Do. Not. Use. Going slow is boring, but going too fast is where you get all that twisted fabric. For that matter –
  • Stop being lazy and IRON EVERY STEP.
  • Double check how square the blocks are before moving on to next step. When learning a new thing, check it out as you go, rather than doing them all the same and finding out at the end that they *all* suck.
  • Hang this one up anyway, and feel pride when you look at it. Finding all the wrong ways is a valid path to finding the right one.