Gravy-less, easy, perfectly medium/rare steak.



Preheat oven to 420. With cast iron pan in the oven.
Pat steak dry. Put some salt on it. Put it in the freezer for like 10 minutes.
Take cast iron pan out of the oven and put on the stove at like 8/10. Put oil (NOT OLIVE) in the pan and let it get nice and hot. (Be careful)
Place steak in hot oil and leave it for like 3 minutes.
Turn steak over and leave for like 3 more minutes.
Throw a pad of butter on top of each steak and put cast iron into the oven for like 5 minutes.
Remove cast iron from oven and steaks from heat. Leave them alone for 5 minutes to cool and set. Maybe put them on the plates and start piling the plates with sides.
Bonus Round Gravy
Deglaze the pan. Make gravy.
I like some horseradish sour cream sauce on top of this. And mushrooms and onions and some green vegetable and some delicious potatoes.