Finished the second quilt.

I think I’ll call it Florida Dog Cabin.

Lessons learned:

  • Go slower. Pin more. Measure thrice.
  • When quilting block by block, come up with a clever way to remember the start point. In this log cabin quilt, I quilted in the seams around the inner spiral. (Starting at the top right corner of home when the enemy’s gate is down.)
  • Don’t put off binding for so long. It’s not that bad. From fabric out of the package (no, I didn’t wash it first…) to sewn on the quilt, it took me from 8:30am to noon. Half an hour to cut and iron and pin the strips, and a couple more hours to sew it to the quilt. Partner says the quilting foot sounds like a machine gun.
  • Don’t huff about it and just pin the binding to the quilt. Especially with the quilt easel and clamps, it’s easier to pin it standing up than to try to keep both fabrics together mid-fire.