Time to use that cast iron pan.

Oven = 420. Cast iron = oiled and on the stove around 7/10.


Garlic (~5-20 cloves)

Cut the little stems off the sprouts.
Cut the sprouts in half.
Unwrap the garlic.
When the oil is shimmering in the cast iron pan, faceplant brussels sprouts. DO NOT TOUCH for at least 5 minutes. Or 8.
I turned down the pan because I got nervous… but I think that was a mistake. Just flip the sprouts and throw on the garlic, salt, pepper. 8 minute timeout.
Move to metal pan and pop in (theoretically) preheated oven. Grounded for 20 minutes (or 30.)
Lessons Learned

The stems of the sprouts take longer to cook than the leaves do (that makes sense, right?…) and so I try to get most of the stalk-ey looking parts off. I’d like to do something with those stalk-ey parts… maybe next time.